“Since taking this course, my approach to coaching has changed. I have gained a greater appreciation of the coaching process. My confidence and what it really means to be present with my clients has increased.”
Jannette Isaacs, RN
Nassau, Bahamas

“The Holographic Coaching Practicum class gave me the confidence that I need to really get out there and start my coaching practice. The course is simple and profound at the same time. Bobbie is a master of the art of coaching, as well as educating others to become coaches. The course is also designed such that you will grow as a person, which is a necessary piece of becoming a better coach. I highly recommend the course to anyone interested in learning how to work better with other people!”
Zach Comer, Asheville, NC

"The [Building a Referral-Based Business course] helped me to fully understand the global community aspect involved in growing a business. The saying you have to be a friend to have a friend applies to business; you have to refer to be referred. I believe the concepts and practical ideas I learned in the [course] will help me grow my business in the global community." — Tyra M.

“This course absolutely altered my coaching practice in a very positive way. I know that I am a more effective coach as a result and have actually received feedback from clients that I am more present with them and more allowing of their thoughts, feelings and ideas to emerge. I have grown personally from this experience. I can see how I would benefit from repeating this course at intervals in the future.”
Dee Peterson, RN

"This course is important, since everyone nowadays just talks about online marketing and seems to forget about the referral system. I think it's very interesting to learn to have other marketing options besides the online world. I really enjoy the self-directed course so far, and it seems to be very clearly structured." —Michael W.

The Certification Training is phenomenal. It is a great course for every health care provider, because it allows for deep exploration into your own aspects of wellness, so that you have more to offer clients. I am leaving the course a transformed person!
Buddy Ann Ross, RN, BSN, MS

"Laurie was very prepared, thought provoking and she had a lot of great examples to help us in application. She also had a skill of inviting input where everyone shared, interacted and asked questions. She wanted to be there as was evidenced by her energy, tone and attentiveness." S. McAward

I highly recommend the Wellness Inventory Assessment Training to professional coaches who want to expand their client offerings as well as acquire an array of new coaching skills. You will learn how to increase your client's awareness and as an added bonus, you have an opportunity to improve your wellness status.
Tina Elliot, MBA, PCC
Professional Certified Coach, Health & Wellness Coach/Life Strategist
Former ICF Ethics & Standards Committee Member

"While I didn't know what to expect from the Coaching Students in Career Exploration and Expanding Awareness of Nontraditional Careers course, I was very pleased only 2 hours later to have gained a solid insight into this topic. What stood out for me was the clear explanation Joan provided about what a nontraditional career is, the insight I gained from the awareness exercises about my own biases, the discussion about the barriers to students considering nontraditional careers and the statistics provided about nontraditional career earnings and gender. In addition, Joan provided a variety of coaching tools, techniques and approaches to working with students on this interesting and useful topic. By the time the session was finished, I felt that it was time and money well spent and have been enthusiastically recommending this program to my coaching colleagues." - Sally Silberman, ACC, BCC

"The Wellness Inventory is a powerful tool for health and wellness coaches and their clients. Coaching is all about motivation, intention and follow through, and the Wellness Inventory provides clients with invaluable feedback and the ability to track progress in any of the 12 areas of life. This tool should be part of every coach's tool box."
Dr. Patrick Williams
Founder, Your Life Mentor

As a Career Consultant, I found the Advanced Job Search Coaching course an extremely positive experience. Taking this course sharpened and improved my coaching skills, informed me of the latest job search techniques and tools, and most of all gave me a deeper understanding and 1-1 practice on how to apply ICF core competencies to the technical aspects of job search. Great class! – Kim E. Andrews, EnVision Career Design

The courses on The Wellness Inventory provide the tools and training necessary to be a masterful coach. I experienced an in-depth look at the Inventory, my coaching, and myself. Everything I expected and more.
June O. Bond, Ed.D., PCC
DreamCatchers Life Coaching

I highly recommend the Advanced Job Search Coaching course to practitioners who are interested in learning state-of-the-art job search resources while developing their core coaching competencies in this specialty. The course materials are exceptional with immediate, practical application for both coach and client. Job search content and coaching competencies were brought to life through readings, discussion, Joan's excellent demonstrations, and peer practice. Joan is an excellent instructor. She is committed to student development and brought expertise, energy, and excitement to this experience. - Ann Boyer, M.Ed., CCMC

“Karin Marcus is an outstanding trainer!! I cannot emphasize this enough. I really like her style and her pace. I have taken courses from her in the past and will take them again. I hold her wisdom and skills in high regard. Carol McClelland's brain children - Purpose Clarity and Seasons of Change- are both godsends to this earth. I feel so lucky to have found both of these talented mentors. Keep them around! They are good!” La Ronda Zupp

“If the point is to get to your purpose, here's the bottom line –this program works! Through carefully selected exercises that build on each other, clients go from confusion to clarity. I look forward to using this model more.” Carolyn Scarborough

The Advanced Job Search Coaching course was amazing and the experience was wonderful. The course was well organized and the instructor was knowledgeable, warm, welcoming, and present. One of the signs of a good course is the takeaway and we received a wealth of information applicable for coaching. – Marjorie Puyol

"This was one of the best classes I have taken with Your Life Mentor. It was excellent. Jeanne was prepared, made great use of time in class, provided many examples, modeled coaching techniques in class, and answered questions clearly." Sara P.

I just completed Joan's Advanced Job Search Coaching course through the Your Life Mentor. I've been working as a career coach for several years but still found her class to be extremely helpful in improving my job search coaching skills along with providing me with a wealth of useful resources that I have already started implementing into my work. I think this class is great for both newcomers and for those who are just looking for new approaches and resources to add to their established career coaching practice. – Satya Patel, Career Counselor & Coach

" . . . I can really see how the Direct Communications course is helping me improve in *every* competency. I have a feeling that as I continue to build my practice, this course will turn out to be one of the most valuable I will have taken!" - Becky B.

"This course provides a solid foundation on how to create, select, administer, and coach using a 360 feedback tool. When I was an HR Director in large organizations I mostly implemented canned 360 tools. What I found most beneficial in this course was actually creating surveys from scratch based on the nature of the challenge. Listening to the past class calls provided the advantage of more perspectives while enjoying the freedom of a self-directed class. When I embarked on my coaching career I wasn’t sure I would use 360s again. This course rejuvenated my enthusiasm for 360s as an important self-awareness and coaching tool and I now plan to incorporate them into my leadership coaching and team building work. The branding exercise was a really valuable bonus, too!" – Lisa Petsinis, CHRL, CDCS

"The Foundations course was very thorough. At the beginning of the course I was a baby in the understanding and practice of coaching skills. Now I have a deep understanding of the way to approach a client and their desired changes, developing the collaborative relationship with them, and providing tools and techniques to help them get at their desires. I am making my dream happen of becoming a life coach, and I am so grateful for the way the Foundations class brought me to this point... I can't say enough how powerful this class was." -R.K.