Your Life Mentor Wellness Inventory Certification Training

Learn to use this "whole person" process in your coaching


The Certification Training will provide in-depth personal experience and practical knowledge of the Wellness Inventory change process as well as a unique coaching skill-set to maximize the program’s effectiveness in creating change in your clients’ lives. The goal of the course is to create competence in delivering the program to both individual and organizational coaching clients.

The Wellness Inventory is an online assessment and life-balance tool that focuses on the whole person in 12 key dimensions of wellness. A powerful tool for coaches, the Wellness Inventory is an advanced version of the life wheel (coaching mandala), and provides invaluable insight into your client and as well as a framework or "organizing principle" within which to work. The course will include a free annual Wellness Inventory subscription for participants, the results of which will be integrated into the curriculum.

Wellness Inventory - Wellness Wheel

Participants will gain proficiency in working with clients with the 12 part wellness wheel (Wellness Energy System) via an ongoing exploration of the wellness wheel as a dynamic hologram of interdependent elements. The process of working with the Wellness Wheel helps to develop greater coherence in your personal life and teaches you how to use this "whole person" process in your coaching to facilitate greater coherence in your clients’ lives.

From a marketing and business perspective, you will learn strategies for using the Wellness Inventory to:

The Wellness Inventory was created 35 years ago by John W. Travis, MD, MPH, a key founder of the modern wellness movement. Dr. Travis opened the first Wellness Center in the U.S. in 1975 and created the Wellness Inventory, based on his 12 part "wellness energy system, as an intake tool for the center. Earlier, while completing his residency at Johns Hopkins and the National Public Health Service, Dr. Travis was a protégé of Dr. Louis Robbins, creator of the HRA (Health Risk Appraisal). Unlike the HRA which is a diagnostic tool to determine health risk, the Wellness Inventory is primarily an educational tool that focuses on the whole person. The online version of the Wellness Inventory was created by HealthWorld Online in collaboration with Dr. Travis.

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View On-Demand Webinar on Certification Training (mp4 Video)
The webinar explores the foundations of our whole person wellbeing philosophy, and includes a live demo of the Wellness Inventory program and an overview of our Certification Training: View now

Interview with the Training's Creators
Listen to interview with Wellness Inventory Certification Training co-creators Jim Strohecker and Bobbie Burdett. The interview focuses on our wellness philosophy, the Wellness Inventory, our wellness coaching method and Holographic Change Process, as well as the Certification Training.

Testimonials from Graduates

The Certification Training is phenomenal. It is a great course for every health care provider, because it allows for deep exploration into your own aspects of wellness, so that you have more to offer clients. I am leaving the course a transformed person!
Buddy Ann Ross, RN, BSN, MS

I highly recommend the Wellness Inventory Assessment Training to professional coaches who want to expand their client offerings as well as acquire an array of new coaching skills. You will learn how to increase your client's awareness and as an added bonus, you have an opportunity to improve your wellness status.
Tina Elliot, MBA, PCC
Professional Certified Coach, Health & Wellness Coach/Life Strategist
Former ICF Ethics & Standards Committee Member

The courses on The Wellness Inventory provide the tools and training necessary to be a masterful coach. I experienced an in-depth look at the Inventory, my coaching, and myself. Everything I expected and more.
June O. Bond, Ed.D., PCC
DreamCatchers Life Coaching

A healthy coach who understands the holographic process presented in the Wellness Inventory can change the world through coaching. In this course, I gained insight into my own lifestyle, found excitement in understanding change, and deepened my learning about how to achieve high quality of life. I definitely will bring a refreshed outlook to my clients.
Barbara Carnal
Wellness Coaching Specialist

More Testimonials from Graduates: View Testimonials

"The Wellness Inventory is a powerful tool for health and wellness coaches and their clients. Coaching is all about motivation, intention and follow through, and the Wellness Inventory provides clients with invaluable feedback and the ability to track progress in any of the 12 areas of life. This tool should be part of every coach's tool box."
Dr. Patrick Williams
Founder, Your Life Mentor

Course Prerequisites
No other courses required