Your Life Mentor Walk with God

Live out your God given calling in life.

Walk With God – For Coach and Client

This course is an interactive course designed to help both the coach and the coach supporting their clients to live out their God given calling in life. The training is biblically based and uses scriptures, examples and materials for key learning and support. This class will help each coach grow in their personal walk with God as well as help develop their professional coaching skills as they coach Christian and non-Christian clients.

This class covers many key areas, including:

Required Book

Walk With God Today By Brian Williams – kindle version

Optional Book

Talk Truth to Yourself By Brian Williams – kindle version


"Walking with God" was the first coaching class I took with Your Life Mentor, and it was a wonderful introduction to both the way the program works, as well as the Christian track curriculum. From the first week, I looked forward to our classes, and walked away with new insight after each one. Brian had so much knowledge to share, and both his experience and compassion as a coach came through in his class instruction. The way the assignments incorporated the content into our daily lives made the takeaway much more experiential. They demonstrated in a truly tangible way the importance of daily walking with God at both the personal and coaching level. I think each of the students had a "full circle" moment as questions they had at the outset were answered by the end - both in the course content as well as visibly in our own experiences over the four weeks. I would definitely recommend this course to all students pursuing the Christian Coaching track. - Annie Provencher

The Walk With God Today class was very spiritually lifting on a personal level. I enjoyed the comments from the other class members and to hear how their walks may have been different from mine, but we are still all on the same delightful journey. For my coaching practice this class provided me with some confidence to be listening for those opportunities to explore how others spirituality impacts their walks. I have started praying with several clients and it have been very positively received. Thank you, Brian for your passion. - Leesa Davis

Course Prerequisites