Your Life Mentor The Ethics of Pro-Bono and Sliding Scale Coaching

A new way of giving back to your community

If you are interested in creating a solid base for ongoing referrals to your online practice, consider starting in your local community first. This course is designed to introduce you to a new way of giving back to your community by offering online therapy or coaching services utilizing a “Gatekeeper Referral System.” This course is also designed to inform you about the ethical and legal implications of fee setting including bartering, sliding scale and pro bono services. In the process of implementing your own Gatekeeper Referral System you will advance your name in the community and expand your practice.

The Basics: Fee Setting and Community Outreach
Fee-Setting Strategies including low-cost, sliding scale and pro bono
The Gatekeeper Referral System: Enhancing your presence in the community
Calculating a Sliding Fee Scale
Fee Setting Specific to Online Services
Participants will understand the ethical responsibilities regarding pro-bono and sliding scale work.
Participants will be able to implement a “Gatekeeper Referral System” as related to online work.
Participants will be able to calculate sliding scale fees.

To complete the course you will need to have access to a computer/tablet and should be comfortable using the Internet as you will be working on an e-learning platform. Students will have one year to complete the requirements for this course.

Course Prerequisites