Your Life Mentor Seasons of Change

A natural way to approach life changes

The Seasons of Change model is useful whether your clients have entered their transition by choice or by force, whether the transition was anticipated or came as a complete surprise. It is a rich multi-faceted nature-based metaphor that provides you and your clients with a natural way to approach life changes. Nature has developed a wide range of responses to the ever-changing seasons. These responses provide a rich foundation of knowledge, inspiration, hope, and direction to those in transition.

Each season (or phase) of the transition process has its own signs, actions, and detours. This information gives you a map you can share with your clients to show them the way through their transition. The visually memorable nature metaphors associated with each season are simple, powerful tools that give clients constant support and guidance through difficult times.

You may wonder why other transition models don't touch clients at such a deep, soulful place. Often transition models are very conceptual – clients get the concepts mentally, but they aren't able to integrate the ideas into their lives. Although these transition models provide very useful frameworks to understand transition, they don't become an integral part of your clients' approach to life.

By using this model in your work, you give your clients hope – helping them envision where they've been, where they are, and where they are going. A process that is full of unknowns becomes a bit more understandable. Supporting your clients in where they are is a profound experience that deepens their trust in themselves, in you and in the transition journey. It's likely no one else is honoring them for what they feel deep within.

Learning Objectives

Required Textbook

Seasons of Change: Using Nature's Wisdom to Grow Through Life's Inevitable Ups and Downs, by Carol L. McClelland, PhD

Course Prerequisites