Your Life Mentor Purpose Clarity Program

Create a plan to bring a new found purpose to life

This 5 step program is ideal for anyone wrestling with a life transition, trying to make a critical career decision, or craving more meaning in life. It helps people identify their top 40 skills and interests, brainstorm new directions, develop a concise description of their purpose, and create a plan to bring a new found purpose to life. It is ideal for both groups and individuals.

The Purpose Clarity Program is a versatile program that helps you work with a wide variety of people including those who are:

Wrestling with a life situation or transition – Your clients may be:

Trying to make a critical career decision - Your clients may be:

Deciding about your academic future -Your clients may be:

In this training, you will experience the program personally and also guide a practice client through the process. Upon completion, you will be certified as a Purpose Clarity Coach and have access to share the materials with your clients. In addition to the class hours, you will have 1 – 2 hours of homework per week and you will be working with a practice client 1 hour per week.

The Purpose Clarity Program was developed by Carol McClelland PhD, who also created the Seasons of Change Training Program for Professionals She is the author of Your Dream Career for Dummies, Green Career for Dummies, and The Seasons of Change: Using Nature’s Wisdom to Grow through Life’s Inevitable Ups and Downs. She is also the founder and director

Your instructor Karin Marcus MA, PCC, BCC, is the only person internationally certified to train professionals in the program.


“Karin Marcus is an outstanding trainer!! I cannot emphasize this enough. I really like her style and her pace. I have taken courses from her in the past and will take them again. I hold her wisdom and skills in high regard. Carol McClelland's brain children - Purpose Clarity and Seasons of Change- are both godsends to this earth. I feel so lucky to have found both of these talented mentors. Keep them around! They are good!” La Ronda Zupp

“If the point is to get to your purpose, here's the bottom line –this program works! Through carefully selected exercises that build on each other, clients go from confusion to clarity. I look forward to using this model more.” Carolyn Scarborough

Course Prerequisites
During this eight week course, you'll work with one practice "client." These "clients" can be people you are already working with in your practice, friends and family members, or colleagues. Your practice client needs to be committed and ready to go before the course begins.

The key is to find an individual who fits the following criteria: