Your Life Mentor Progressive Recovery Coach Training

First step to becoming certified as a Progressive Recovery Coach

Whether you want to shift careers, grow your professional coaching or healthcare practice, and/or help a loved one, you would definitely benefit from our Progressive Recovery Coach Training (PRCT) training program.

The PRCT program provides you with in-depth training in the 4 main activities of a Progressive Recovery Coach or PRC, best remembered with the acronym, "N.E.A.R.," which stands for Navigation, Engagement, Accompaniment & Reduction of Relapses.

About Progressive Recovery Coach Training (PRCT)
There are two levels of training in the course, which may be taken separately. Level 1 is primarily a self-directed course which includes in-depth video lectures and reading. Level 2 is conducted as live webinars and provide you with opportunities to apply your learning and gain practice through practicum exercises. Both levels and an oral exam must be completed to become certified as a Progressive Recovery Coach.

Upon successful completion of Level 1, you will be given the option to sign up for Level 2.

Progressive Recovery Coach Training - Level 1
This is a self-directed course consisting of 12-lessons divided into the 3 modules below conducted online. Each lesson includes a 1 ½ hour pre-recorded video lecture as well as accompanying reading materials. At the end of each of the three modules, students will also attend a 1.5 hour webinar call.

Module I - NAVIGATION...Navigating the complex addiction treatment world

Lesson 1: Why Become a Progressive Recovery Coach?

Lesson 2: Diagnosis: What is Addiction, Exactly?

Lesson 3: Assessment: How Bad Is It?

Lesson 4: Treatment: What Can Be Done About It?

Lesson 5: Navigation: How To Find Evidence-Based Treatment

Module II - ENGAGEMENT...Moving People Toward Treatment

Lesson 6: Client-Directed & General Coaching Strategies

Lesson 7a: Evidence-Based Engagement Strategies, Part 1: Ultra-Brief Motivational Interviewing - an evidence-based alternative to traditional "Interventions" and Al-Anon

Lesson 7b: Evidence-Based Engagement Strategies, Part 2: Community Reinforcement Approach plus Family Training or CRAFT - another evidence-based alternative to traditional "Interventions" and Al-Anon

Module III - Improving Treatment Outcomes Through Coaching

Lesson 8: ACCOMPANIMENT...Being There for Clients During Treatment- and Recovery-Related Activities 

Lesson 9: REDUCTION of Lapses and Relapses 

Lesson 10: Putting It All Together: Moving People to Action
Lesson 11: Ethical & Legal Considerations for a Progressive Recovery Coach
Lesson 12: Core Coaching Competencies & Certification

Required Books

Inside Rehab, by Anne Flecther
Clean, by David Sheff
Instant Influence, by Michael Pantalon

Course Prerequisites