Your Life Mentor Powerful Questioning

Expand your repertory of coaching tools

This class is designed to delve deeply into the art of Powerful Questioning and build on the student’s existing knowledge and experience. The topics covered will include:

Definition and components of Powerful Questioning
Uses and benefits of Powerful Questioning
Different methodologies for questioning – including Traditional, Strength-based, Appreciative Inquiry, Solution Focused, Clean language, Metaphor questioning, Miracle question, and Scaling
The framework will include teacher presentations, coaching demos, in class exercises, homework assignments, and class discussions.


Participation in Class Discussion and exercises: Contribute actively to the class discussion during the 6 weeks – speak up at least once during each class and volunteer to be coach or client when opportunities arise
Homework:weekly assignments including practice and documentation of the use of Powerful Questions
Compilation of Powerful Questions for personal use
Preparation for Class 1

Read and become familiar with ICF Core Competency #6: Powerful Questioning
Come to class prepared to introduce your self and share your best hopes for the class

Class 1

Components of Powerful Questions
Nuances of Powerful Questioning
Establishing the Coaching Agreement
What works well for Beginning/Middle/End

Class 2

Introduction to Appreciative Inquiry Coaching and
Strengths Based Coaching
Strength Spotting Exercise

Class 3

Introduction to Solution Focused Brief Coaching
Use of Miracle Question and Scaling
Coaching Demo

Class 4

Coaching Practicum 1
In this class students will participate in a variety of coaching exercises which will give them the opportunity to apply Powerful Questioning and coaching skills.

Class 5

Introduction to Clean Language
Coaching Demo

Class 6

Neuroscience Coaching Tool
Coaching Demo

Class 7

Coaching Practicum 2
In this class students will once again participate in a variety of coaching exercises that will give them additional opportunities to apply Powerful Questioning and coaching skills.

Course Prerequisites