Your Life Mentor PeopleMap 6 Step Leadership Coach Approach Program

Be a Certified PeopleMap Trainer, learn the PeopleMap Coach Approach

The PeopleMap System offers a unique approach to coaching your clients. Utilizing a personality type based system participants learn how to coach people in a simple easy to learn six step process.

Participants learn to use three simple assessments developed by Dr. Lillibridge:

Each questionnaire is only seven questions and takes less than five minutes to complete and self-score. Over 450,000 people have been through a PeopleMap Program and thousands have been successfully coached using this model.

You will learn this model and how to use these assessments in your coaching practice.

PeopleMap Six Step Coach Approach workbook
PeopleMap Book: Understanding Yourself and Others
PeopleMap Questionnaire
PeopleMap Leadership Questionnaire
PeopleMap Supervisory Preference Questionnaire
Research on Effectiveness of PeopleMap with eight companies
Research on over 300 people coached with this system
The price listed on this page includes the cost of the course materials ($150.00), which must be purchased to complete your registration for this course. You will be given the option to add the course materials to your cart during the checkout process.

Upon completion of the course, participants become certified in the PeopleMap Understanding Yourself and Others Program, which means that they may use the PeopleMap assessment tools in their professional field, i.e. training, facilitating, coaching.

Reproduction of any PeopleMap materials is prohibited by law, this includes all questionnaires, books and workbooks. All PeopleMap materials are copyrighted and the intellectual property of E. Michael Lillibridge, Ph.D.

Course Prerequisites