Your Life Mentor Motivational Interviewing for Health and Wellness

Develop core competencies for Comprehensive Motivational Interventions

Motivational Interviewing (MI) has been defined as a “collaborative, person-centered form of guiding - to elicit and strengthen motivation for change.”

There are over 2000 MI trainers functioning in more than 45 languages, and at least 15 books on the application of MI. Over 1000 related publications and 200 associated clinical trials have been done, involving dozens of international, federal, state, and foundation research and dissemination grants. Four different meta-analyses demonstrate its effectiveness; spanning broad areas of health and wellness, as well as virtually all identified lifestyle-related problems. These problems include, for example, risky drinking or substance abuse, high stress levels, smoking, poor nutrition, sedentary lifestyle, engaging in unprotected sexual relations, etc.

This telephonic course employs interactive telephonic lectures, demonstrations, learning through role-play practice and feedback, as well as group facilitation using a dedicated self-directed and automated web-based learning program, developed by Dr. Cole and colleagues. The online program includes multiple high-definition videotape demonstration of skills, practice exercises, (ungraded) quizzes with feedback, and “field” exercises to complete with other learners in the course. Optional readings are provided for in-depth exploration of a wide range of topics for interested participants.

Most specifically, this course emphasizes developing proficiency in the well-defined eight core competencies of Brief Action Planning (BAP), an innovative and evidence-based, client-centered, and pragmatic, self-management support tool and technique based on the principles and practice of MI. Learners master what has been called the “Spirit of MI” (evocation, collaboration, acceptance, and compassion) as the foundation for using the skills of BAP, and MI. Finally, learners practice using BAP as a form of “brief MI,” or an “application of MI.”

BAP functions as a uniquely efficient and strategic stepped-care clinical approach. Coaches using BAP in their practices, start with relatively more basic skills and introduce progressively more complex BAP or MI strategies when clinically necessary for persistent unhealthy or maladaptive behaviors.

Internet access is required for this course.

Course Schedule

Week One: 90-minute teleclass
Week Two: Interactive web-based learning program
Week Three: 90-minute teleclass
Week Four: Small group field work
Week Five: 90-minute teleclass
Week Six: Small group field work
Week Seven: 90-minute teleclass
Dr. Steven Cole, Professor of Psychiatry, Emeritus at Stony Brook University School of Medicine, is the lead or co-author on multiple publications related to BAP, including the recently revised White Paper. Read more here.

Course Prerequisites
No other courses required