Your Life Mentor Mentor Coaching

Considering applying for the ACC credential?

Mentor coaching is an important part of your educational journey to becoming a professional coach. Ten hours of mentor coaching is also a requirement for those pursuing the Associate Certified Coach credential or the Professional Certified Coach credential from the ICF. Given the different training paths that students take, and the number of accumulated mentor hours obtained through Your Life Mentor’s core courses, our Mentor Coaching course is designed to provide you with the mentoring you are looking for at a reasonable price.

In compliance with the ICF’s definition of mentor coaching, this course will focus on mentoring students on their coaching skills only. This mentoring course will not focus on practice building, life satisfaction or other topics unrelated to the development of your coaching skills, especially as they relate to the ICF’s core competencies.

The Mentor Coaching course will consist of 3 - 1 ½ hour group sessions focusing on the different areas of Core Competencies, and I hour of individual mentor coaching. These sessions will be held every other week. During the weeks in between the group sessions, students will meet in peer groups to practice coaching and offer feedback to each other. Questions generated through this experience can be brought to the group sessions. Students must attend all sessions in order to receive the full mentor coaching credit. Credits earned will be adjusted based on attendance.

For those who need additional hours of individual mentor coaching to meet the ICF minimum requirements of 7 hours of group coaching and 3 hours of individual coaching, you will have the option to sign up for additional individual mentor coaching hours. Meetings times will be established with your instructor.

Course Prerequisites
60 hours of coach training required