Your Life Mentor Image Guidance for Life Coaches

Learn to use aspects of Image Guidance in coaching contexts

The imagination is one of the “places” where we encounter God and Self in powerful ways; it is in this sanctuary that we can listen most attentively, feel most deeply, be most creative and receive the greatest clarity. For many, however, accessing this dimension of Self is a challenge. Our rational self tells us that journeying into the imagination is child’s play; or fear convinces us that the imagination is filled with terrifying specters that could turn our lives upside down. Instead of taking the mysterious journey inwards, we remain on the surface, satisfied with what is safe, rote and predictable.

This course is designed specifically for Life Coaches so that they can learn to use aspects of Image Guidance in coaching, especially in spiritually-based coaching, to have another “tool of the trade” which they can use for accessing the imagination and for leading coaching clients there in a way that is both safe and enlightening. Applications would include, but are not limited to:

This course will involve lectures, readings and discussions, model sessions of Image Guidance conducted by instructor and participants, as well as evaluation of transcripts provide by students.

Check out this video of Elizabeth-Anne Stewart describing one of the powerful tools that you will learn to implement with your clients.

Required Materials

Vanek, Elizabeth-Anne. Image Guidance: A Tool for Spiritual Direction, NJ: Paulist Press, 1992.
Also re-published by the author/instructor under “Elizabeth-Anne Stewart” and available in book form from the author.
Supplies: box of crayons, plain paper and a notebook

Suggested: Vanek, Elizabeth-Anne. Image Guidance and Healing. NJ: Paulist Press, 1994. Out of print with limited number still available through Amazon.

Materials will also be uploaded in your library.

Course Prerequisites