Your Life Mentor Grief Coaching

Coaching your client to not only survive but thrive.

“In the end, as we as human beings mourn, we must discover meaning to go on living our tomorrows” ~ Wolfelt, Alan, D. (2005)

This course will assist those interested in becoming coaches who support, encourage, and help clients discover the meaning of life after the death of a loved one. This course will also aid coaches in helping clients identify life going forward, visualizing the future without their loved one, discovering challenges associated with their grief, moving past those challenges, and helping clients refocus on life’s goals and possibilities. Students will learn valuable coaching strategies that can be used to help grieving clients begin to find hope, tap into their strengths, to not only survive but to ultimately thrive.

Case studies, role playing, and hands-on approaches will be used in this course.

At the end of the course, students will be able to:

Required Textbook:

Companioning the Bereaved: A Soulful Guide for Counselors & Caregivers
Wolfelt, Alan, D. (2005). Fort Collins, CO: Companion Press.

Optional Textbooks:

Good Grief
Westberg, Granger, E. (2011). Minneapolis, MN: Fortress Press.

Experiencing Grief
Wright, H. Norman (2004). Nashville, Tennessee: B & H Publishing Group.

Course Prerequisites