Your Life Mentor From Stressed to Best

Reverse your stress and teach your clients to do the same!

Stress is the number one culprit keeping you (and your clients) from reaching full potential. Reverse your stress and teach your clients to do the same!

Through a combination of lecture, demonstration and discussion, this course provides you with the tools to understand the predictable stressors of you and everyone around you. Using Personality Type (based on Carl Jung’s theories and the MBTI®), coaches can help their clients better understand: how their minds are hard-wired and how their Personality Type creates predictable and reversible stress patterns in their lives; their strengths and their stressors and then use the information to help them create strategies that work with their natural preferences.

You will learn how the different personality types react when they are stressed and what situations they are likely to find most stressful.

You will learn the Best Modes and the Stress Mode of each of the Personality Types and basic strategies for helping each of them shift From Stressed To Best.

People make better decisions, have better relationships, and make more progress toward their goals when they can immediately recognize and reverse their stress and this course provides the proven tools so that you will be more productive and your clients will make more progress.

PREWORK: (1/2 Hour)

Download and take the self-scored assessment of Personality Type

What is Stress and where does it come from? What effect does it have on the mind and the body? How do we stop it and go From Stressed To Best?
What is Personality Type? What is the origin? What are the four preferences and what do they measure? How can you assess Personality Type? Why does a coach want to understand Personality Type?
HOMEWORK: (1 Hour)

Download the assessment and administer it to at least one other person. Bring the results to the next class. The more people you administer it to, the more you will get out of the material in the second class.

Learn how each Extraverted Type reacts to stress and strategies for reversing it.
Learn how each Introverted Type reacts to stress and strategies for reversing it.
Includes discussion of participants own Personality Types as well as the types of those assessed during the homework.

Required Course Materials:

You will need to purchase the book How to Switch From Stressed to Best which can be purchased here for $21.

Course Prerequisites