Your Life Mentor Executive Coaching Practicum

Gain corporate coaching experience while learning

This 20 session course offers you the opportunity to coach two people over a five-month period in a company that is utilizing the PeopleMap System with all of its employees. The coaching clients you will be coaching are in an Emerging Leadership training program. These people have been selected for this training and coaching because they are valued employees and are moving into significant leadership roles within their company. You will receive group supervision on working with your coaching clients as part of the class.

The coaching clients you will be coaching have taken: the PeopleMap Questionnaire, PeopleMap Leadership Questionnaire, PeopleMap Supervisory Questionnaire and the FIRO-B. You will also receive these assessments with the exception of the FIRO-B (FIRO-B can be taken on line at your expense) as part of the coaching practicum and will learn how to use these assessments in coaching people.

Sample topic areas covered in this course include:

Class Materials – Materials Fee $150.00 per person

This training will give you great business coaching experience, as well as the opportunity to learn more about company culture, and how to contact businesses large and small to offer your services.

Upon completion of the course, participants will become Certified in the PeopleMap Understanding Yourself and Others Program, which you may then use in your professional practice.

All PeopleMap materials must be purchased through the PeopleMap Company. All PeopleMap materials are copyrighted and the intellectual property of E. Michael Lillibridge, Ph.D. Reproduction of any PeopleMap materials is prohibited by law, this includes all questionnaires, books and workbooks.

Course Prerequisites
20 hours of coach training or permission of the instructor