Your Life Mentor Cognitive Behavioral Coaching

powerful coaching that draws on evidence based psychological models

With its origins in psychology, Cognitive Behavioral Coaching (CBC) is a powerful coaching model that draws on evidence based psychological models. We will begin with an introduction to CBC with links to reading materials that offer a basic working definition. The course will progress to various applications including adolescents, the workplace, smoking cessation, and procrastination. This course includes an audio lecture and PowerPoint as well as sample forms and a Behavioral Contracting e-book.

CBC aims to help clients gain a perspective about whatever is at the root of that person’s difficulty. Coach and client work together to identify what might be stopping an individual from reaching his or her full potential and what action is needed to take charge of their situation.

This course includes:

Required Textbook

Cognitive Behavioural Coaching in Practice: An Evidenced Based Approach by Michael Neenan and Stephen Palmer

This course discusses psychological origins and terms related to counseling and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). We trust that whether you are a therapist, therapist-coach, or coach that you will keep your individual scope of practice in mind as you assist your clients. We feel that a basic understanding of psychological terms can help further delineate for the coach when psychological services or mental health interventions might be more useful with certain individuals.

To read more about what Gladeana McMahon says about her Introduction to Cognitive Behavioural Coaching eBook included in this course? Click Here.

Course Prerequisites
No other courses required