Your Life Mentor Coaching for Christian Faith Development

Aid in discernment and encourage growth in faith

This course builds upon the learning from Foundations of Coaching, as students focus on working with coaching clients who hold a Christian world view and view themselves as being on the Christian “faith journey.” The coach helps the coachees determine spiritual development goals which are central to Christian life and aligned with biblical principles. The coach acknowledges the Holy Spirit as the true change agent in a coachee’s spiritual growth and maturity. Transformational shifts often occur in the coachee’s beliefs, behaviors, and relationships with God, others, and self as shown in a Results Model used in class.

This course emphasizes the Christian coach’s need for a strong personal faith foundation and clarity about his/her own values. Having said that and acknowledging the context-rich environment for the coaching relationship, the coach’s role remains as supporting, not directing or advising, coachees who are seeking a deeper faith or are facing spiritual challenges. Students will examine faith development content and process through both the lenses of coach and coachee and will experience and use ‘life maps,” spiritual disciplines, reflective inquiries and other tools during the coaching process.


Required Textbooks

Faith Coaching: A Conversational Approach to Helping Others Move Forward in Faith by Chad Hall, Bill Copper, and Kathryn McElveen

Course Prerequisites
Familiarity/experience with coaching profession and processes