Your Life Mentor Coaching Ethics IQ

Do you know your Coaching Ethics I.Q.? 1

What’s your Coaching Ethics I.Q.?

Could you be treading in some ethical gray areas as a coach, and not even know it?

Do you know how your own daily rational thinking can put you in ethical hot water?

Are you curious about how to be completely ethical as a Wellness Coach?

What do clients file complaints about? Are you familiar with The Ethical Conduct Review (complaint) Process? More importantly, do you know how to keep yourself out of this extremely stressful situation?

Are you sure your coaching agreement is protecting you? Get some inside tips on how to fine tune it for higher ethical operation!

When should you refer your client to another coach or to another helping professional?

DESCRIPTION: Please join us for an engaging discussion and learn how to protect yourself and your business by understanding and following the ICF & CCE Ethics Guidelines.

Things are rapidly changing in our growing industry. As the coaching profession’s visibility and exposure increases so does the need to operate ethically and protect ourselves from ethical complaints.

Ethics Expert and Instructor Tina Elliot, MBA, PCC, BCC is a longtime member of both the ICF Global Ethics and Standards Committee and The ICF Independent Review Board will be presenting a lively program on this very important aspect of coaching.



Tina Elliot will take you on a personal ethical journey of experiential learning and share her ethical expertise and tips on how you can better protect yourself from seriously undesirable ethical and professional consequences. She instructs with humor and lightness for an enjoyable journey.

FIELDWORK: Each week students will be given an ethical dilemma assignment in a group setting to complete between workshops to boost ethical awareness.

CEUs: This course is also offered in partnership with the Your Life Mentor (Your Life Mentor) and Synergy Coaching Services offering 5 ICF Core Competency CEUs AND 5 CEUs for BCC recertification thru CCE exceeds the 3 hour Ethics requirement.


Tina is a member of the ICF, a Professional Certified Coach, a Board Certified Coach, a Certified Wellness Inventory Coach and a Mentor and Executive Coach. Tina holds an MBA, in Business Administration and is an active ICF Global Committee Member involved with the ICF Ethics & Standards Committee and ICF’s Independent Review Board (Ethics Complaint Processing. She specializes in coaching professional women with expertise in corporate manufacturing, pharmaceutical, healthcare and the high-tech industries as well as many years of experience coaching small business owners.

Course Prerequisites