Your Life Mentor Body-Mind Life Coaching Specialist Certificate

Access the nonverbal dimension of interactions

This Certificate Course, designed for coaching over the phone or in person, will provide in-depth training for coaches in any niche to enhance and deepen their coaching skills. You will develop expertise in accessing the nonverbal dimension that exists in all interactions and communications.
Using Body-Mind Life Coaching tools, coaches will learn ways to work with the powerful messages of the body. It is said that the body never lies. Through habitual ways of thinking, acting and feeling, there is often a disconnection between the mind and body.

The main goal of this course is to teach skills and techniques for working with the fertile ground and wisdom of the body to help bridge the body-mind gap. Additionally, you will gain advanced understanding and practice in the many ways you can uncover, utilize and work with the information from the body.

The materials for the course will acquaint you with the fields of "Somatics" and "Body Therapy," which provide the foundation for Body-Mind Life Coaching. The instructor has written a 200+ page manual, filled with articles, references and specific papers on the Body-Mind Life Coaching Process.

The course content will focus on learning how to access the language of the body by paying attention to presence, physical sensations, breath, voice, posture and unconscious habit patterns. Applications from Neuroscience will teach you ways to make positive changes in your brain and your life. Readings, discussion, class experiments, cases, role-plays, demonstration sessions, personal exploration and peer work will provide different ways to work with non-verbal content. The techniques of ‘pausing’, ‘noticing’ and ‘practicing’ will be used to create and deepen awareness and forward the action.

In addition, halfway through the training, you will have the opportunity to coach a client who has volunteered to come into the class. Mentoring immediately afterwards provides opportunities for self-assessment to increase awareness and to deepen learning in a safe and supportive environment. During the whole course, role-plays and mini coaching sessions will also provide opportunities to practice the skills and tools, using pausing and discussion, as needed, during mini sessions.
Coaching core competencies and wellness and health coaching skills and domains will be integrated through out as we work from a whole person perspective, using Body-Mind Life Coaching.
Examples of ways to use the body as an avenue to gain information to shift perspective explore possibilities and affirm the rightness of choices will be explored in depth, as you learn how to hone your skills

Course Objectives

This Specialist Certificate will provide you with advanced training in the ever-growing and popular fields of Wellness Coaching and Somatic Coaching. Other coaching specialties, such as, Executive Coaching, Relationship Coaching, Career and Life Transitions Coaching, as well as coach training and mentoring, can be enhanced through developing proficiency in this approach.

Peer and Mentor Coach Hours provided in this course:

10 Peer Coaching Hours
5 Group Mentor Coaching Hours (Covering the Core Competencies and JTAs, as appropriate)
1 Individual Mentor Coaching Hours (Covering the Core Competencies and JTAs, as appropriate)
Required Manual: The cost of the course listed on this page includes the cost of the required manual ($60.00).

Course Prerequisites
20 Hour Coach Approach Course


40 Hour Foundation Course or similar Coaching Training