Your Life Mentor - Advanced Topics in Coaching

This course is for those coaches who are committed to their professional development and who want to become more masterful and offer their clients exceptional coaching. It can also be used as a step in preparing for the PCC oral exam.

This course is 14 hours over 10 weeks. The first and last calls are an hour (2 hours) the remaining 8 calls are 1.5 hours (12 hours).


  1. Hone coaching skills
  2. Increase coaching mastery
  3. More skillfully develop own coaching style
  4. Embody the coaching approach (non-directive, whole person, client as expert)
  5. Fully understand the coach’s responsibility of being the expert of the coaching process
  6. Become aware of own areas for growth
  7. Self-manage
  8. Appreciate a variety of coaching approaches

Class Structure

Theme-based as a central organizing principle, e.g. boundaries in coaching: brief didactic on the theme; case presentations from participants’ caseloads; discussion; role-playing; exploring the coaching process.


Participant Requirements

Be actively engaged in weekly triad or quad buddy coaching
Write a short paragraph before (what are your thoughts about the upcoming topic?) and after each class (what was your learning about the topic?)
Prepare a brief case presentation for your chosen topic.
Actively participate in the class.

Facilitator(s) Contributions

Present didactic teaching on the topic
Facilitate the role-plays and discussions
Observe and offer insights about the coaching

Course Prerequisites
Foundational Course
It is not required, but highly recommended that the following are true before taking this course:

Minimum of 100 hours of coaching experience
Successfully attained a CLC and/or ACC
Currently working with at least 3 paying clients