Your Life Mentor 21 Secrets for Daily Success!

Gain wisdom, exercises, and coaching techniques for the 21st century.

Life in the 21st Century is making new demands on most people. Whether the issue is health, wealth, time management, personal and business relationships, or something else, the notions of what constitutes "success" is evolving and changing rapidly. 21 Secrets For Daily Success! takes many time-honored and proven principles and expresses them within a framework of the contemporary coaching profession so as to personally and professionally engage the participant and encourage actions that will forward their own attainments each day.

The 21 Secrets For Daily Success! course is rooted in the course creators own experience and undergirds much of his work with others over time as a personal and executive coach, Life Strategist, teacher.

Personal Christian orientation figures prominently in his writing and work – yet many of his professional clients and colleagues have come from other spiritual and faith traditions – or none at all. This course reflects his own coaching manifesto to engage both the creative and the pragmatic thinker – the metaphysician and the bottom-line oriented business person. Everyone can benefit from the wisdom, exercises and coaching techniques contained in this course!

Course Prerequisites