Your Life Mentor Introduction to Career Coaching

Coaching individuals who are facing transitions in their careers

Your Life Mentor Introduction to Christian Coaching

Concepts, strategies, and tools in the world of Christian coaching

Your Life Mentor Body-Mind Life Coaching Specialist Certificate

Access the nonverbal dimension of interactions

Your Life Mentor Introduction to Online Coaching

What every coach should know about using online technology in coaching

Your Life Mentor Change Your Questions, Change Your Results

How Mindsets and Questioning Empower Successful Coaching

Your Life Mentor Introduction to Relationship Coaching

Relationships with a capital "R"

Your Life Mentor Christian Marriage Coaching

Effectively coach Christian clients into satisfying marriages

Your Life Mentor Introduction to Wellness Coaching

A holistic approach that integrates mind, body, and spirit

Your Life Mentor Coach Approach

Provides an overview of core coaching competencies and techniques

Your Life Mentor Leadership Coaching: Coaching Executives, Business Leaders, and Emerging Leaders

Develop the skills and tools you can use coaching leaders

Your Life Mentor Coaching Ethics IQ

Do you know your Coaching Ethics I.Q.?

Your Life Mentor Life By Design

Design your life as a model for working with coaching clients

Your Life Mentor Coaching for Calling/Life Purpose

Build on the foundational goals and process of faith development

Your Life Mentor Lifestyle, Nutrition, and Weight Management

For those focusing on weight loss or pursuing the NCCHWC credential

Your Life Mentor Coaching for Christian Faith Development

Aid in discernment and encourage growth in faith

Your Life Mentor Marriage Coaching

Effectively coaching clients into satisfying marriages

Your Life Mentor Coaching for Social Action

The nuances of coaching individuals creating social change

Your Life Mentor Meaningful Goal Pursuit - Go on the Ride of Your Life

Harnessing motivation science and positive psychology

Your Life Mentor Coaching from the Inside Out

Get a different perspective on coaching

Your Life Mentor Mentor Coaching

Considering applying for the ACC credential?

Your Life Mentor Coaching Skills Practicum

Take your coaching skills to a new level

Your Life Mentor Methodologies and Dynamics of Group Coaching

Group Coaching can be a powerful path for delivering coaching

Your Life Mentor Coaching Students in Career Exploration and Expanding Awareness of Nontraditional Careers

Partner with students to explore a variety of career pathways

Your Life Mentor Money Coaching

A proven method for working with clients' financial concerns

Your Life Mentor Coaching the Mid-Life Journey

Coaching through the midlife transition

Your Life Mentor Motivating Your Clients to Success

Motivating your client is key to helping them achieve their goals

Your Life Mentor Coaching Using the Big Five Model of Personality

Use modern personality tools to discover your unique traits

Your Life Mentor Motivational Interviewing for Health and Wellness

Develop core competencies for Comprehensive Motivational Interventions

Your Life Mentor Cognitive Behavioral Coaching

powerful coaching that draws on evidence based psychological models

Your Life Mentor Organizational Resilience Coaching

In this competitive world, organizational resilience is crucial.

Your Life Mentor Complementary and Alternative Modalities: Ethical Considerations for Coaches

Adding alternative modalities to your practice

Your Life Mentor PeopleMap 6 Step Leadership Coach Approach Program

Be a Certified PeopleMap Trainer, learn the PeopleMap Coach Approach

Your Life Mentor Counseling and Coaching: Understanding the Distinctions

Gain understand of the differences between coaching and counseling

Your Life Mentor Powerful Questioning

Expand your repertory of coaching tools

Your Life Mentor Creating a Referral Based Business (CRBB)

Filling your professional practice without effort or angst

Your Life Mentor Practical Dispute Resolution

Learn techniques to resolve relationship and business impasses

Your Life Mentor Creating Sacred Context

Explore the complexities involved in spiritually-based life coaching.

Your Life Mentor Progressive Recovery Coach Training

First step to becoming certified as a Progressive Recovery Coach

Your Life Mentor Energizing Coaching Conversations with Metaphors

Explore the use of metaphors in coaching

Your Life Mentor Progressive Recovery Coach Training - Level 2

Become certified as a Progressive Recovery Coach

Your Life Mentor Ethical Issues for Therapist-Coaches

Explore the most common questions with regard to coaching ethics

Your Life Mentor Purpose Clarity Program

Create a plan to bring a new found purpose to life

Your Life Mentor Ethics, Risk Management and Professional Issues

Those who face the greatest risks are those who are the least informed

Your Life Mentor Seasons of Change

A natural way to approach life changes

Your Life Mentor Executive Coaching Practicum

Gain corporate coaching experience while learning

Your Life Mentor The Business of Coaching

When you're ready to put other things aside and focus on business...

Your Life Mentor Falling Awake Success Strategies

Help clients move forward with their dreams - with purpose

Your Life Mentor The Ethics of Pro-Bono and Sliding Scale Coaching

A new way of giving back to your community

Your Life Mentor Foundational

The cornerstone of our ICF Accredited Coach Training Program

Your Life Mentor Tools for Creating Your Vision

Explore the hows and whys of visioning with your clients

Your Life Mentor Foundational for Christian Coaches

The awareness of the power of God at work in you

Your Life Mentor Tools for Creating Your Vision

Educate clients about traumatic or significant anniversary reactions

Your Life Mentor From Stressed to Best

Reverse your stress and teach your clients to do the same!

Your Life Mentor Tools for Creating Your Vision

Learn to coach couples to build a strong, viable relationship

Your Life Mentor Grief Coaching

Coaching your client to not only survive but thrive.

Your Life Mentor Tools for Creating Your Vision

Discovering how your gift of intuition can enhance your life

Your Life Mentor Group Coaching

Add group coaching to your list of professional services

Your Life Mentor Using Visual Life Maps in Coaching for Life Transformation

Enhance your coaching with visual maps

Your Life Mentor How to be Direct without Crossing the Line

How to Be a Direct Communicator without Crossing the Line

Your Life Mentor Walk with God

Live out your God given calling in life.

Your Life Mentor ICF Core Competency

Learn and practice core coaching competencies

Your Life Mentor Ways of Sacred Listening

Add a strong spiritual foundation to your coaching work

Your Life Mentor Image Guidance for Life Coaches

Learn to use aspects of Image Guidance in coaching contexts

Your Life Mentor Wellness Inventory Certification Training

Learn to use this "whole person" process in your coaching

Your Life Mentor - Advanced Marriage Coaching Skills

Hone your marriage coaching skills

Your Life Mentor Wellness Inventory Holographic Coaching Practicum

Hone coaching skills using the Holographic Change Process

Your Life Mentor Advanced Job Search Coaching

Would you like to add Job Search Coaching to your coaching practice?

Your Life Mentor Workplace Wellness

Well employees are the cornerstone of any successful business

Your Life Mentor - Advanced Topics in Coaching

Your Life Mentor 360 Assessments

360 surveys are powerful developmental tools to mirror back to a coaching client how they are seen in the world.

Your Life Mentor - Awakening Your Client’s Heart Magnet

Help clients sharpen their internal communication.

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Your Life Mentor - Beyond Recovery

A non-traditional perspective of addiction and beyond-recovery

Your Life Mentor 21 Secrets for Daily Success!

Gain wisdom, exercises, and coaching techniques for the 21st century.